Watch video of 10years old chrisland student who was raped by her fellow students

video of 10years old chrisland student

A 10 year old student from Chrisland schools Lagos was reportedly gang raped .

Watch video of 10years old chrisland student

A music executive by name ubi Franklin reported that the victim that was raped was the 10 year old daughter of his friend .

According to him, the lady was supposed to represent the school in a competition in Dubai recently before the sad incident occured.

He also claimed that the victims parents got to know a month after the incident happened from other parents in school.

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  1. I blame it all on Christianity because Christianity has compromise interns of dressing and the closeness of boys and girls in all manners which is not right, Muslim respect and maintain morality and try to avoid any kind misbehaving among the students if not the same so call Christian parents that we say their children are not allowed to move freely. Christianity has destroyed more than anything they repeared. How can a 10yrs old using phone if it is true according to her mother and allowing boys and girls to come close for this time that we know what is going on.. some parents has destroyed the life of their children with their over pampad.

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