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Things you didn’t know about Laycon’s BBNaija award car

Laycon’s BBNaija award car;

Among the benefits Laycon became entitled to when he won #BBNaija this year on Sunday, there is the IVM G40 SUV from Innoson Vehicle car-manufacturing company.

Here are some features it has you probably didn’t know:

  • It’s capable of giving out 130-horse power and move with up to 150kmhr¯¹ at the same time.
  • It is a two-wheel drive and comes with a special engine and brake system which makes it safer.
  • It has 2 air bags added for safety
  • It is sold for more than 17 million Naira.
  • Lastly, it belongs to Laycon 😁😁😁.

Here is an Image of the car;


Laycon's BBNaija award car

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