Mark Zuckerberg apologizes to Nigerians for Instagram mistakes

Mark Zuckerberg apologizes to Nigerians for mistakes on Instagram. 

Yesterday, 21st of October, 2020, there was something ominous happening on Instagram, which offended Nigerians greatly.

All the #ENDSARS, #EndPoliceBrutality, #EndBadGovernance (on and on goes the list) related posts were being flagged fake news on Instagram.

Nigerians decided to put the blame on Mark Zuckerberg for this, suggesting that he had been bribed by the leaders in Nigeria.

Moments ago, he tendered his apology for this, saying it was a mistake, and that he is sorry.

Mark Zuckerberg apologizes to Nigerians

Nigerians didn’t take this lightly and reacted badly to it, pointing accusing fingers at him.

Do you think he actually took bribes?

If yes, why do you think so?

If no, why do you think not?

Let’s discuss.

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