Imagine this!! If someone mistakenly transferrs 10 million naira to your account and asks you to return it….what will you do??

Good day all.
This is another phase of Bazevibes discussion where we all share our ideas as one

Now..let’s take for example that someone mistakenly sent you 10 million naira and asks you to return it
What will you do??

Let’s know the good people in the house

What Will you do??

We want to hear from you

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  1. We all have conscience with helps us to know the good or bad even wen we re not taught dat this is bad or good, the law is in our heart(conscience).so, when this type of thing happens, we know it is wrong to keep the money, but many or few might ignore that, but what we dont know is that grace, makes it mandatory dat whenever that type of goodness is shown, that is, returning the money, there will be a reward, if not now, in the nearest future. Always try to do good no matter the cost. Thanks

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