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How the SWAT team will operate as they are replacing SARS

How the SWAT team will operate as SARS replacement (#ENDSARS) :

This evening, the Nigeria Police Force made a tweet explaining in details how the SWAT will be formed and will operate.

Judging from the tweets by the Police Force, our voices have begun to be heard by the people we are appealing to.

These statements were made in the tweet:

In the formation of the new team, no members of the SARS shall be involved at all.

Operations of the new team shall be strictly intelligence-driven. I think this should mean that no action shall be taken without proof to back it.

There shall be no routine patrols be this new team as there was during the SARS regime.

There shall be no random search ๐Ÿ”Ž of gadgets such as phones ๐Ÿ“ฑ, Laptops etc.

Human-Rights abusing disciplinary measures are banned.


How the SWAT team will operate

It seems the voices of the citizens are now being heard by our Government. These days, if Nigerians started dragging Muhammadu Buhari on Twitter, he would step down.

Perhaps we should drag him to do so.

If you are in support, comment #ENDSARS.

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